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We Create Medical & Corporate   Animated Videos!

Hello and welcome to Atum Studio! We’re glad you stopped by. We’d love to show you more about who we are, what we do, and why our clients highly recommend our work.

Our Recent Animated Video

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What are explainer videos
What do we do? We create animated explainer videos for marketing, explanation, promotional or for even general awareness purposes. Our clients include small, medium and large companies that have specific short-term or long-term communication objectives and are driven to achieve something significant with a 2D or 3D animation video.
Why show i have an explainer video?
Why do we do it? Our mission is to help our clients generate more sales, educate their prospective clients about their businesses, and show off their products and services using our stunning video graphics. Though our studio is new, each person has years of experience in the industry, and we have seen the impact animated promotional videos can have on a business’s marketing strategy. We know you’ll see results with our videos, and we absolutely love hearing stories of how our animated marketing videos and motion graphics have captured the attention of audiences and increased business for our customers around the globe.